It all happens to quickly, week one of three is already gone. Karla and I both had Monday and Tuesday together and managed to get out and have a child free lunch yumcha on Tuesday at the Tingha Palace at the Parramatta leagues club on Tuesday. It was nice and quiet and civilized without us having to tell the kids to be good. Wednesday we had the house air conditioning serviced before our warranty runs out in April, the clean and inspection came back all good with no leaks this time.

On Thursday it was getting the car rego done, this wasn’t so great with an $838.00 bill at the end due to a list of items that needed fixing, plus a check on the oil leak on Monday and having that fixed if the leak is to bad. I did go and see a movie at Parramatta in the VMax cinema, it was Battlefield: Los Angeles. It was ok, very good special effects, a bit grusome in some parts and the story so very typical these days. Story was a mish mash of War of the Worlds, Independence Day and various others and you have the story line.

Also had to get my license redone as my wallet loves to eat and split any cards in it’s care. They did replace it for free as it split on the magnetic strip. I also look very much the crime in the photo.

Friday was just somethings around the house and some grocery shopping.

Today, Karla and Jessie are out at Jessie’s dancing classes, Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Miss J loves all three and does nothing but talk about when her next lessons are. Sophie and I have some us time, while Karla and Jessie are out and about.

Tomorrow will be swiming and off around the shops.

Hope everyone is good and taking care of themselves.

By Andrew

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