Sophie woke up around 6ish with her now usual cry out for one of us, so I went in and hugged her and put her back down. Turned off the bathroom light that Jessie had left on and found her hiding in the lounge room and told her to go back to bed.

Then about 10 minutes later Sophie cryed out again, this time with a very different and distressed cry, so Karla went to see her this time. Kara then called me in to the room as well as Sophie had been sick over herself and the bed. So we cleaned her up and changed her bed sheets, checked her temperature and asked her if she wanted to go back to bed, she said, “Yeah”. So we put her down again.

About 30 minutes later another cry like before and more vomit, so another round of cleaning and this time we brought her in to our bed. She was happy and found poking us amusing. This was until she went to cuddle Karla and spewed again. More cleaning, clothes, sniffy number 3 to the wash.

Jessie had decided that she was not getting the attention she deserved and decided to join in and advise us that breakfast was needed as she was “Starving”. So up we got and I made some porridge, with no milk for Sophie.

We were suppose to go to swiming lessions this morning but that wasn’t happening.

Sophie seemed happy enough but did look tired after breakfast, but both Sophie and Jessie needed a bath, so Jessie first then Sophie after her. Sophie ended up having a cuddle in bed with Karla after her bath and we had been giving her water and hydrolite as well. I had also jumped on the bed for a quick cuddle before putting Sophie back to bed.

After a little while I started carrying Sophie to her bed room and of course another lot of spewing, over me and all over her. This time we both heading in to Karla’s shower, as I was covered and so was Sophie. So a quick shower was in order and more clothes to be washed. (I may or may not have helped the spewage here as I may have squeshed her to much while carrying her to her room.)

Anyway, Karla and Jessie are off at Blocks to buy some dancing stuff and I am here with Sophie, so fare no more vomiting and she has been watching Tangled and now Hi5, which is her favourite music group.



By Andrew

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2 thought on “A fun start to Sunday”
  1. Hi Andy & Karla,

    Sorry you had such an eventful Sunday. It sounds like Sophie has picked up the same bug we have all had here in the past week. Quite horrible while you have it but thankfully only hangs around about 48 hours. I hope Sophie is a lot better today.

    Keep the bucket handy
    Love Mum xxxx

  2. She seemed to be only sick in the morning, by Sunday night she was happily chugging down her diner and was fine on Monday morning.

    A few people have said they’ve had bugs.

    She also only likes to vomit on me it seems.

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