What to say about us.

Me, well I run and look after the site, with what ever time I might have spare. So this means normally after the girls have gone to bed and the daily items have been done.

Dad of two great girls Jessie and Sophie and married to Karla of course.


Sophie enjoying an ice cream.

Sophie Lee Stoker

Jessica enjoying an ice cream.

 Jessica Lee Stoker

2 thought on “About”
  1. hey guys love your website the girls have grown so much i miss them all to death would like to hear from you to see how you are going since i left the centre please email me if you get a chance thankx melissa

  2. Hi Melissa,
    Yes have been thinking of you and getting in contact.
    Will do soon, Yes both keep getting bigger and Sophie has decided she is a big girl and can do everything.

    Hope you are going well.

    Talk, soon.

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