Getting ready for the long weekend

What a week, half woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday morning and no need to jump out of bed at 6 to start the day. This little dream didn’t last long though.

We’ve had Jessie and Sophie sick this week, both Jessie and Sophie were home on Wednesday and on Thursday Jessie was home, so Karla and I did half days with Jessie getting a train ride in to the city to see her Mum’s building and then a ride back home with Dad.

She was so tired that she only wanted to go to sleep in the back of the car and didn’t want her lunch until waking up after a 3 hour sleep.

She really enjoyed the train both in and out and looked very cute in her black coat and beanie.

Later on we went to collect Sophie from day care and Karla got home later after working back trying to get some order in to her work.

Not sure what is planned for this weekend so far, Saturday is freeish I think, Sunday will have swimming if everyone is well enough and Monday who knows.

If your out and about have a great one and remember to stay safe on the roads.

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