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You may have noticed that the site has been coming up and down or has been very slow over the past couple of days. Well I updated to Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS  over the weekend, this sort of went smoothly but I’ve found a few issues along the way.

1. Apache goes very slow or stops responding altogether.

2. APC no longer works with Apache.

3. Postfix-Dovecot SMTP authentication no longer works.

The first one is a big problem as it brings the whole server down, so nothing works and you are required to hard boot the box to get back in. It appears to be a problem with the update from PHP 5.2.6 to 5.3.1 there are issues with the Gallery plugin that I use on the site. So after some investigation I have disabled that plugin for now, until I can find a solution to fix the issue.

The APC should work but again does not want to so I have moved back over to Memcache for OPC caching on Apache for now.

The Postfix problem is a real pain, I spent many hours getting this set up in the past and while receiving emails is working I’ll need to go back and redo the other outward configuration again. Unfortunately as I spent some much time getting just right I can’t remember all of the little things that I changed, but looking at these things now I do so with a much better understanding than when I first tried.

The Gallery is still there and working, but linking pictures back via the WPG2 plugin is not working.

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