More Hacker attacks and email was down

Looks like there have been several attempts again to hack the site over the past several days. None of these have been successful and everything is working as expected. Thanks to the several security plugins I now have installed they weren’t able to get in and cause and damage.

Also I’ve been updating the email server set up that I have been using for the past several months from Courier to Dovecot, mainly because Dovecot has  managesieves and I have been sick of manually filtering my emails. (managesieves allows for server side mail filter via rules)

This does mean that my last post, which was “Are we all still alive” was not mailed out to people.

I’ve also been selected to the be first user to get and test a new webmail called “Crystal Mail” before it’s release in the next couple of months, it’s based of “Roundcube” but with lots of extra features built in.

So after this has been offically released, I’ll most likely be moving over to this for my web based email.

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