Way to start Friday

What can you do?

Getting ready this morning and managed to just miss the bus as it went pass on the otherside of the road. I had to grab the rubbish bin that was laying on its side on the driveway. (Thanks garbos) So I went back inside and finished turning my phone on to find that I had received a SMS last night at around 8.46pm from Westpac advising that my credit card was at risk of fraud.

So on to the phone and internet banking to see if any money was gone as we had this happen to Karla’s VISA card last year and around $1,500 0r so was taken from the card. Luckily nothing was taken out, but I did have to endure the Westpac blurbs for several minutes while waiting for a support person. I don’t really care that your there for me Westpac, you raised interest rates higher than the RBA, so your not my friend, get it.

Turns out that the card has been stopped as Westpac received a list from the Federal Police with our card number listed on it as number that has been compromised so where? So the card or cards have been stopped and new ones issued.

So we need to get 4 new cards as both the MC and AMEX for both Karla and myself need to be replaced. Plus we need to contact everyone who takes payments from these cards within 10 days otherwise we will get hit with fees. Yeah as Sophie would say.

Karla was also trying to get ready to take Jessie and Sophie to daycare, Jessie is in today but Sophie is not, she is also going to have a chat with the centre manager as there is a new person in the babies room whom we new  nothing about and hasn’t made a great impression on us yesterday.

So late to work once more….

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2 Responses to “Way to start Friday”

  1. Denise and Louie Nehme Says:

    more headaches with Westpac….FART as we would say in front of Christian

    lol … Oh dear….last thing you guys need. I suppose this is wear Louies Old School Pay everything Cash…comes in handy…but those fees are nastly…

    Try to have a good weekend, and Christians got his appointment next week at Westmead… we might see you there…lol…..

    A mothers group meeting at Childrens Hospital …at least if anything happens we are there anyways…lol 🙂

    Love to you all
    The Nehmes 🙂

  2. Andrew Says:

    Yeap you too. Good to see and hear that Christians arm didn’t need breaking again.
    Have a good one.

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