Christmas is over and back to work

Yes the break is over for me anyway, not that Christmas was any real sort of rest for any of us.

The girls all enjoyed their presents, Jessie is claiming most of Sophie’s presents as well, but Sophie does a good job of grabbing dolls and toys back when she gets in to range.

We do need another house or build an extension on top just to house all of the kid stuff, it just doesn’t get any less of course.

We had the joy of the main kitchen tap springing a leak on Christmas eve at 11:45pm on the hot water hose, finally got that fixed properly on Sunday as no where was open Christmas day or Boxing day. So Sunday was the first chance I had to try and locate a replacement hose. Took a trip to three different places, in the end one of the places gave me a replacement hose for nothing, must have been Jessie’s tap dancing and finish?

Also managed to replace the temp folding table in the lounge room that was being used for the computer desk with the one we grabbed off of ebay a few weeks ago. That took most of Monday to do, so much stuff to connect and disconnect. I did this while Karla took Jessie to see the new Chipmunk movie at Parramatta, while I stayed home with Sophie. Jessie was not as good as she could have been, so it was not an enjoyable time for Karla.

If your off on holidays, We hope you have a great time, just be safe too many accidents on the roads this time of year. If your working like me, I hope your time is quiet and not too stressful.

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  1. Denise and Louie Nehme Says:

    Hi Andrew and Karla, Seems like everything just happens at once…

    We have been in that boat too…couldnt even make it to the mothers group christmas party even though we would of liked too…Louies mum is btr a bit…The Christmas Cheers sure cheered her up, and My mums slowly recovering….

    Christian finally got his Buzz Lightyear Costume and Buzz Wings…..and proudly showed off his costume to everyone on Christmas Day, actually the wings were a bit of a hazard lol knocking things off the table with those wings….

    For NYE louies Niece Christians GOdmother is having a NYE BBQ which should be fun….

    Did I here you need to renovate…???? LOL…..
    I did some decluttering and its a bit of worry and when you have all this stuff..IM slowly convincing louie about the extension and getting ready to paint and tile the front part of the house – in the front bedrooms and lounge room for now..

    try to relax and not stress yourselves out….

    Louies dying to have holidays but im putting it off….so it is used wisely….lol like maybe tiling the house…

    Sending you lots of love and big kisses from us all

    Louie Christian and Denise Nehme xoxo

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