Trains with no aircon when it's 38c

Why in this day and age do we still have to endure trains with no aircon when the temperatures are 38c+?

Just enjoyed the wonderful trip in to the city to work via the train, luckily it was not packed to the rafters as I was travelling outside of peak times. Normally you are up against someone elses armpit. Just paid $1500+ for a yearly ticket and in January they are going to increase those prices for better value for money.

Another busy weekend coming up, we have the Wiggles concert tomorrow for Jessie and Sophie, should be fun for them. On Saturday we have the Mohter’s Group Christmas party up in the mountains again this should be a lot of fun for everyone. Then on Sunday we have the last lot of swimming lessions for this season and then the swim school Christmas party for the kids. (Also have to get the old oven disconnected and the new one in before Christmas as well. Saturday morning I think.)

Hopefully Sunday afternoon what’s left of it will be quiet.

We still need to find a tree and get our decorations up as that hasn’t happened yet so, we’ll have to find some time to get that done as well.

I guess everyone is in the same boat, it’s just that time of year although these days most of the year is just as busy.

Wishing everyone a safe holiday if you are lucky enough to be on one and a great time over the holiday season.

Don’t forget you’re all able to add comments if you wish.

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