Forster Day 3 Holiday

Day 3. (Sunday)

Another late start to the day more sleep problems.

We finally made it out to the beach in the afternoon as the weather has been crazy hot, but nice blue skies.

We went to the rock pool that is near the appartments and Karla and Jessie went for a walk along the beach to collect shells and stand in the surf, while I stayed with Sophie in the rock pool. The water was really cold….

After that we came back for a swim in the pool and a bathes and showers.

Sophie loved sitting with Karla in the sand and playing in the water, she was very tired at the end of it though.

Jessie had scrambled eggs and toast for diner while we were going to have fish and chips. But when I called to order they had just shut and so had every other place I called as well. I did managed to get some thai food but that is another story.

I didn’t manage to get Karla her bottles of wine though.

The food was pretty.

No Zombie movies tonight.

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