Forster Day 2 Holiday

Day 2.

Well Jessie being Jessie we didn’t do too much today as Jessie wouldn’t have her day time sleep.

We went for a walk down the main street of Forster around 2.30ish to look for some lunch, but found most places were shut by now. We also noticed that most of the little shops we went to years ago had shut and not replaced with anything new, seems strange as most people say they like coming to Forster but it seems very dead and the businesses are closing.

We finally found a Hogs Breath but they were closed as well. So Subway was the order of the day, which Jessie moaned about for ages.

After that we got in the car for a drive and in a few minutes Jessie was a sleep. (See you should have your daytime sleep as she missed the beach)

Karla went in to Wollies to grab some groceries as I stayed in the car with the girls who were both a sleep now.

We came home and Karla and Jessie both went for a swim in the heated pool, while I looked after Sophie (a sleep) and made diner.

Zombie movies..


Forgot to mention that I also found the car in the morning and some ars#hole had used texter over the bonnet of the car and scratched it in the process. Just great!

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