It’s been a while

So it’s been a while. I’ve been home for just over a week with Whooping Cough as per my last update. Back at work now and just getting up to speed once again with the thousand projects and normal support work.

As normal everyone wants a piece and their things done first.

Seem much better now, not coughing all of the time and not so tired from being ill.

Our plans for the Brisbane trip are coming along, flights have been booked, car hire has been done and work seems to be still letting me go as well. It should be good, to catch up with friends and family. Jessie is getting more excited as the time gets closer as she will now have her own seat on the plane. Plus she will also hopefully get to see her Grand Dad who works with cranes. Every time she sees one she goes “My Grand Dad he works with cranes, He’s your Daddy.”. It will also be the first time everyone expect for Mum says Sophie, she’s much bigger now and is able to walk around in a fashion. Plus we also get to meet Mark and Tasha’s latest addition to their family Charlie.

We’ll be there for Karla’s, Jim’s and Nanna’s birthday this year, hopefully I’ll be able to take Karla out for Diner or something for hers.

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  1. Mum Says:

    Hi Andy,
    Sorry you have been so sick but glad to hear you are on the mend. Dad still is not sure if he will be back in time to see you or be at Nanna’s birthday. The job is nearly over down there and they have cancelled all leave until it is finished. Dad did ring the other day to say he would be driving the Semi back to Brissie from SA on Sunday next and would have arrived on the Wednesday the same day as you all arrive. That may still happen, we will just have to wait and see. I told him about Jessie and the cranes and he thought that was great. love Mum xx

  2. Andrew Says:

    It would be good if Dad was there, I know Jessie would be happy to see him again, Sophie would like someone else to play with as well.

    Jessie is still very excited about having her own seat in the plane and she is planning everything we should be doing. She is also doing the countdown in sleeps for when we are going.

    Not long now.

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