Easter Show pictures

We all finally made it to the Royal Easter Show on Sunday. My vision was good enough and my eye not to painful, plus Karla and the girls were all well as well.
Travel was by car to Granville station then by express train to Olympic Park and the show. Luckily the trains weren’t overly busy and the girls were all in a good mood.
The crowds at the show were ok, except for the show bag and the main pavilion area’s. Jessie went on several rides and Sophie watched on happily. Jessie was still wondering if she was going to see the Easter Bunny as it is after all called the “Easter Show”. For the animals this year they had them all in a large barn roaming around freely, but you had to leave your strollers outside and as we had two of them packed with our gear, only Jessie and myself made it inside to see the animals and Karla and Sophie waited outside.

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