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We’ve been running around the past week also with bath room stuff, Sophie’s been sick with some sort of virus and work.

So I have been very slack and have not been doing any updates on anything really, just been to tired or not feeling like typing something up on the site for the day / week. Hopefully with the bath room being finished on Monday / Tuesday things will be a bit more normal, if there is such a thing these days.

I have uploaded pictures of the bath room reno up in the gallery, I’ve got up to day 5 in there now so you can see all of these by going to the Our Bath Room Renovation 2010 album in the gallery.

The bath room is getting the floor tiled today and this will then be grouted tomorrow and cleaned, ready for the plumber to come back on Monday afternoon to fit the vanity, toilet, taps and screens etc. So by Monday night everything should be in and I guess ready to use.

Jessie has been collecting all of the bath toys she can find ready for the day that she is allowed to have a bath in there. I guess Karla is excited too and can’t wait for a nice relax in the evenings in her new tub.

As mentioned Sophie has been sick since Monday and has been getting a fever and high temp on and off until yesterday, the Doctors think it’s likely she may have picked up a virus from the swimming pool while doing her swimming lesson last Sunday. She seems much better now but while sick she has been giving Karla a hard time by being very clingy.

This weekend is a play date with the Stirlings, some late night work for me and swimming on Sunday again, but not sure if Sophie will be doing her lesson this week.

I’ll also upload the rest of the pictures I have as well.

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