New Photo’s in the Gallery using the Nikon D90

I got a new camera as an early Christmas present a few months ago. The camera is the Nikon D90, which is a nice digital SLR. At the time I got the camera body and two lenses, the 18-55mm VR and the 55-200mm VR, both a nice kit lenses.

For Christmas I picked up another lense, which was the 70-300mm for only $149 while looking for a bigger camera bag. (Couldn’t pass it up)

Anyway been taking heaps of pictures and you can find these in the gallery if you are interested. I just have to learn how to use it now along with processing the raw image files as well.

D90 Album

Jessie and Sophie’s Daycare Christmas Concert and Party 2010 photos.

Daycare Christmas 2010 Concert

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