You know your off to a good start when….

You get a knock on the bathroom door at 6.15am while in the shower and a little voice saying, “Daddy, I wet myself. It was an accident.”

So the week starts, beside the drenching rain outside.

I had a good Dad response of course, “Go and see your mother.”

Soon Mum was back advising me Jessie was waiting to get in to the shower and Sophie decided it was a good idea to start screaming out to let us know that she was awake as well.

So had a shared shower this morning with Missy using her Mums shower cap, she thought this was funny.

So while we were on schedule first off this soon was no longer the case. Besides cleaning child and doing a quick load of sheets, thank God for mattress protectors.

While dropping Karla at the station we noticed that there were several Police cars and then a few ambulances near the station after dropping her off. Turned out that someone decided today was a good day to take on a train. This also stopped one of the main lines to the city so Karla had to wait for several trains until she was able to get on to one. Then they had to go past where the poor person was as well. She’s a little upset by the experience. (Fatal incident causes long train delays)

She called me several times and said it was best to either go to Granville and try and get a train from as trains from Parramatta weren’t getting through. So I decided to go to Parramatta to work there for the day and get the girls in the afternoon. Of course life is not that simple is it. So checking the some 400+ emails from the few days I didn’t check them from home, I find that I need to go in to the city for a meeting at 2.30pm to 4pm. One that I can’t get out off. So l’ll be going in do the training course / meeting then leaving at 4.15ish to come back and grab the girls from daycare.

Of course I also left my network token on the desk at home so I can’t work while on the train today either. Oh well I’ll just have to read something or listen to some music on the way in and out.

Hope your week has started better than ours.

Yeap I should also be working as well…

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  1. Josephine El Kassar Says:

    life with kids is quite a surprise for us parents on a daily basis!!!!can u ask karla if i did her hair on that photo on your blog she is with a older lady ….cause it looks so good short and colour is nice as soon!!!!!!!!!!

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