Another weekend gone.

Yes another weekend gone, not sure where to.

Saturday just went, I can’t even remember what we did, nothing I think, we are all stll recovering from the previous weekend and the week. Karla’s been not 100% Sophie started to get unwell again, I’m still not better and Jessie is coughing a little and insists on that she is ill as well. (Doesn’t want to feel left out.)

Everyone except myself was passed out in bed by 7ish. I stayed up trying to get somethings working and watched a few saved shows on FoxTel, really sad old reruns of Star Trek Voyager and some new stuff.

Sunday Jessie and I went to swimming as Sophie was not well enough to go so she stayed home with Karla. On coming home we had a quick bite then back out to the Doctors for Sophie, myself and Karla to get checked out. Jessie decided she didn’t want to be good and was a pain the whole time there.

After the Doctors off to Westfield Parramatta to go clothes shopping for me and Karla. Again Jessie decided this was no fun and decided to let us all know about it for many hours.

Finally a stop for some food then home, both kids really tired so both off to bed, then house stuff.

Karla’s at home today with Sophie and I guess I will be home with her tomorrow when she is back off to see the Doctors again in the afternoon.

Did I forget to mention that Jessie decided to come in to our room at around 1.30am as her legs were sore. Then Sophie decided to wake up and scream out at around 3~3.30ish and play with her light switch. Then again at around 5.15am decided to wake up and not go back.

Karla also found Sophie playing with a biscut container from the kitchen in the lounge room this morning. Appears Miss Jessica took my custard creams from the kitchen and ate them in the morning and hid the container under her  kitchen sink.

This morning she also filled her bag up with various toys and took those to daycare without us knowing. It wasn’t until Karla saw her showing Emma all her stuff that she was found out, needles to say her toys were collected and returned home.

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