So what’s been happening

We’ll lots doubt I remember most of it now.

Sophie has been home sick for the past week with a bad cough and chest infection. She’s been on medicine at night and then ventolin 4 times a day. I’ve had something similar and stayed home to look after her for the week trying to get work done in between.

Karla has been working in her new role for her first week alone at Westpac as the EA to the Global Head of something. She’s been finding it challaging as the girl she is replacing for 9 months had to leave early before her full hand over. She is also having fun getting all her accesses in place to all of the systems she needs to use.

Jessie has been Jessie, she is really in to reading things now and spelling, every work or sign we go past she calles out various bits of it or asks how that spelt etc. She has been writing her own name now for a little while and seems to enjoy doing this.

Karla and I managed to get out the first time in ages (before Sophie was the last time) and saw Ross Noble at the Enmore theatre the other weekend. He was good and we both enjoyed the show. One of our friends Denis (and Christian) looked after the girls for us, apparently Jessie tried every trick she could to stay up and have a girl chat with Denis on the night.

Only bad thing was Denises car was smashed in to at around 12.30am by some idiot and has been written off, luckily Denis and Christian weren’t in the car, they would have been if it was a little later as we were literally walking out of the door to go to the car.

On Friday / Saturday I worked from 11pm to around 8.30am on our DRP for work, we then went out and had our family haircut outing and grabbed some fish and chips for diner that night. Around 6.30pm I logged back in to work to see how the DRP was going and things were just starting to happen after a huge delay from the night before so I helped out the guys until around 9pm. Needles to say I was pretty tied by them as I only got 2 hours sleep the night before and had been going all day.

On Sunday Karla took Jessica to swiming for the first time this season it’s about week 4 or 5 now. (We’ve all been sick each of the other weekends) She and Jessie had a good time toghter. I stayed home with Sophie as she still has some coughing and I was also not 100%. While at home I bathed Sophie and got her to have a little bit of a sleep as we had a birthday party to go to at 2pm for Jessie.

The birthday party was for one of Jessie’s friends from Day care, it was a ten pin bowling party and it was great fun all of the kids loved it they all behaved themselves and no injuries. Jessie now wants to learn her Mum how to bowl. (Yes she uses learn although we keep telling her you teach someone) Sophie loved all of the noise, lights and other kids running around the place.

After the party we had a look around and decided to go to a noodle place for diner, the food wasn’t quite what we thought it would be it was ok, but not the greatest. Karla felt a little sick afterwards but I was staving so I happily ate away. Sophie decided one of her crayons was better to eat, so we had to dig the end of it out of her mouth. I swear we only turned around for a second before she managed to eat the end of it off.

So another week startes, kids both at daycare again and Karla and I are back at work for another week.

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