Easters been and gone and we want a do over

Well we’re all back at work now and the Easter break is over, it wasn’t really what we had in mind.

Sophie was sick from Thursday to pretty much Sunday, with being more herself on Sunday and Monday. She has decided now that she doesn’t like going to bed and wants to sit or stand in her bed crying out until someone comes and gets her. So we’ve had to just go back in at night and wrap her up and put her back down, doing this several times until she learns that she wont be brought out at night. Also with the change in Day Light Savings she has been waking up 5ish or earlier yah.

Karla also got quiet sick on Friday ~ Sunday, so she was out of action for most of the weekend, so no Birthday party, no Easter show on the Saturday or Sunday. I also got the bug on Saturday night / Sunday morning but luckily it didn’t last very long for me.

Miss Jessica was 100% ok during this time and hasn’t got sick, which is good, but meant she had all of her energy while everyone else was under the weather.

On Monday Jessie was invited over to the Stirling house hold for a play date with Sophie (Stirling) and the other girls from Daycare as Sophie (Sirling) is no longer there and missing her old friends. I stayed home with Sophie so we played in the lounge room and did stuff.

Then around 2pm I got a call from work as there were some problems, of course my laptop decided it no longer wanted to connect to work anymore and I would have to go in to the office to do anything. So Karla and Jessie had to come home and look after Sophie while I went in to work.

The end of a great weekend.

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