Are we all still alive

The short answer is yes.

We’ve been busy as most people are these days.

Our bathroom has been mostly finished, I still need to sand and paint the door trim and clean and paint the ceiling. There are also the towel rail and toilet roll holder to go up as well. We are using some suction cup ones to test where the best place for these to go is.

Sophie is doing well, she is saying more words each day and has her sometimes serious and not so serious conversations with those around her. Currently she likes to laugh and chuckle, it’s quite funny when she does it. You can laugh and she will laugh back at you and this can go on for sometime. She has still been going to her swimming lessons and likes the pool, but she’s not so happy in the new bath by herself, thanks to a little Miss Jessica who we think sprayed her in the face a couple of times. She is also pulling herself up on items, not walking yet but most likely not to far from it. Of course her 1st birthday is just around the corner and Karla is busy getting things ready for that.

Miss Jessica is doing anything and everything, I don’t think she is capable of sitting still or being quiet for more than 10 seconds. She fell over last Sunday on her way to swimming lessions and grazed her knees and one of her hands, so now we get constant “Look at my knee” or “Look at my hand”. She is very interested in reading and learning her letters and numbers, she can spell out her name now and I think she knows a few words here and there as well.

Karla is looking for work and has been applying for jobs online and calling agencies and companies when able to, when the girls are in day care or a sleep. She has also doing / almost finished the job placement course that her old work provided when she was made redundant and has found this to be useful in how she presents herself to the various places.

Me busy at work on stuff I can’t tell you about and busy at home with the 3 girls.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Sheelagh last Sunday after swimming as she was down visiting a friend not to far from where we live, it was good to catch up and have a chat. It also gave her a chance to see the two girls now and give Sophie some  hugs.

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