Friday what could go wrong, right?

This Friday was Jessie’s last visit to the Westmead Childrens Hospital for her check up on her finger. She was a good girl and was very excited to see the Doctor although she did keep refering to him as a Dentists.

Dr Lawson look at her finger along with her Shrek bandage on her little toe and also performed some dancing and explained that she liked to read books now as well. I also ask if he could look at her legs as Jessie has always walked around on tippie toes, he checked and said there was nothing wrong with her legs or feet and most likely just a habit she had.

Dr Lawson always enjoys a visit from Jessie as she gives him a good show and he was sad to say she was fine and that he would not need to see her anymore. Yeah great news so from Mothers Day 2009 to the 22nd of January 2010.


Jessie said she was a little hungry and thirsty so I said we could go down to the hospital cafe and get a drink and something to eat. So Jessie had the following…

  • Banana Up and Go
  • Ginger Bread Man
  • Strawberry Yoguart
  • Some of my baked beans

She was pretty much finished and was playing by going back and forth to one of the office windows, which had various drawings and toys in it and having a few baked beans in the process. I was cleaning up the table and starting to take the rubbish over to the bins when she was getting her last mouthful and she tripped over and banged her mouth on the chair next to us.

Big crys and a mouthful of blood…

I grabbed a pile of napkins out and started to wipe out her mouth and yes the blood just kept on coming. Thought it was best to go to emergency seeming they were just upstairs and get one of the nurses to have a quick look. I couldn’t really feel her teeth being loose but there was still some bleeding happening.

So close one injury file and lets open another one.

I’ll be brief now..

After going though the usual emergency room process (did I say usual, there should be nothing usual about it) we saw one of the dentists and the damage wasn’t to bad. She had cut the small piece of skin at the front top of your mouth / lip, (go on see if you can feel it with your tongue, I know your doing it) this was the cause of all of the blood. No bleeding of the gums so the teeth should be ok and none of them felt loose to the Dentist.

Only other thing that may happen is that she will get a bruise on the inside top lip of her mouth and a small chance that the teeth may darken. She may also not want to eat hard foods for a while.

So a good start to Friday.

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4 Responses to “Friday what could go wrong, right?”

  1. Josephine El Kassar Says:

    hi andrew and karla,how hot is it…..

  2. Andrew David Stoker Says:

    Too dam hot, thats for sure.

  3. Mum Says:

    Hi Andy & Jessie,

    I’m glad to hear you have finally escaped from Westmead Hospital not without dramas, of course. Poor Jessie does seem to be accident prone.
    Take care both of you. Make sure you count all of Jessies fingers and toes after you go out on any future expeditions.

    Love Mum & Nanna Fran xx

  4. Andrew Says:

    Yes we close on file and then open another one in a matter of minutes.

    She certainly has a special talent, this is what happens we she doesn’t listen to us.

    She seems fine though and we haven’t noticed any bruising from the fall.

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