I want sushi for lunch

On Sunday we had finally managed to get out to one of the bathroom shops to try and sort out what to get for the bathrooms, as this work is suppose to start on the 28th of January and we still haven’t actually decided on what items yet.

While Miss Jessica was being her usual helpful self while we were trying to look around, ie. touching everything whinging about this and that and being annoying in general. We told her that after we had finished we would go and get some nice lunch. On hearing this she announces to the guy helping us that she wants sushi for lunch. We were planning on going down to Sizzler down the road, but she didn’t want to go there.

Lunch was at Sizzlers although there were complaints but Sizzlers has a good desert bar and she likes that.

I don’t think I would have asked for sushi at 3 1/2 years old, but such things weren’t so popular back then. I think she also likes the sushi train as you have all of the food coming around to you on the conveyer belt.

Sophie was very happy as always, she had some rusks, a jar of food and the odd chip to squish up and lots of people to look at while doing her thing.

She is also pulling herself up in to a standing position now, when you are holding her, still not crawling forward yet but she does do the backward crawl and her normal sideways roll to get around the place.

Still always dam happy, which is good of course.

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