Another weekend gone…

We had another very busy weekend, although every weekend seems to be that way now.

On Saturday we had our family hair cut day. We go to Josephine’s house where she has had her garage converted to a two chair salon. Jessie likes it as she is able to play in their large backyard, which is equipped with a nice trampoline. This week she had a few playmates as both of Josephine’s; children were around for a while. There were also her two new helpers who where happy enough to let Jessie boss them around.

Jacob had a foam water canon toy so everyone was trying to wet each other as they we running around of jumping on the trampoline. Sophie was happy enough to watch from the convert of her stroller. But I guess she really wanted to be chasing everyone as well.

On Sunday we had the christening of Sophie and Ruby Stirling and their two cousins at a local church in Granville. I’ve never really paid attention to the church but it is really a nice sand stone churn and is beautiful inside. (Not as nice as the one we were married in)

The service was nice and the priest was pretty funny and laid back all of the kids were fine with the service and no major tears or screaming. After the service there was a party back at the Stirling residence, which was wonderful as always.

The kids had a great time catching up and playing and so did all of us adults as well. Sophie stayed awake pretty much the whole time and even on the trip home. While the zombie eyed Jessie passed out as soon as she hit the back seat.

She was tired to begin with in the morning, I think she had been awake for a while reading to her toys in her room either in the morning or late in to the night. Have to work out a way to stop that from happening.

Saturday next week we have the Mother’s Group Christmas party up in the mountains, might see Dan there. On Sunday we have the last swimming lessons for the year and the swim school Christmas party after that. So there is another weekend gone.

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