Sunday Sushi

Well Sunday started out ok but soon ended up the way it was planned to be. The V8 Super Cars sort of killed our desire to go to swimming lessions in the morning as it was going to be impossible to get in and park as most of the roads were all closed off. The swim school just says not our problem call the parking company, parking company says sure there will be a few spaces. You get there and then are faced with either rude attentants or police with barricades telling you to turn around.

So I took Jessie and Sophie through the drive thru to grab some pancakes for brekie, while their Mum caught up on some sleep. I was a bad boy though as the hash brown in the bottom of the bag leaked oil all over the table cloth later on. We all ate breakfast, Sophie had some rice porridge as normal.

Later on we all had some games in the lounge room while Sophie had her sleep, with Jessie and I hiding under a blanket while a bear lurked outside.

We then had the fight to get Jessie to have her sleep, so it wasn’t until late in the afternoon before we got out of the house to Office Works for Karla to pick up some business cards for an afternoon meet and greet on Tuesday. Jessie was having fun as they have the small shopping trolleys to use, so she was grabbing things off the shelfs and filling up her trolley. She was also going through a jungle (the isles) and jumping on any naughty crocodiles or cutting them up with her scissors.

Sophie was being very cute in sitting up in the trolley and making faces at the girls in the shop or trying to pull my wedding ring from my finger or laughing at Jessie being Jessie. Her dolly was also having fun riding with us as well.

As lunch never really happened at home we decided to go and get some early diner at Parramatta, we ended up going to the Sushi Train that is near the bus stops now. We’ve been there several times before and Jessie will eat most of the food there and yes she likes to use the chop sticks as well. Sophie tried their high chairs but they weren’t really the best for her as she kept on sliding down the pink plastic of the chairs.

So in the end she went back in to the front chair of the stroller. This she found great as you see they were playing some interesting Japanese music and both Jessie and Sophie were dancing in their seats, even Karla and I were joining in on the fun. Karla was also trying to stop Jessie from falling off her seat and I was just trying to feed Sophie who wasn’t 100% happy in the high chair.

After that we took a quick walk around the Parramatt Mall and then stopped to grab some ice-creams, which was fun then back to the car and home.

The End of the weekend….

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