Aircon fixed again

Well we seemed to have got a real lemon with this unit. It appears to be every 6 months or so and we need someone to come out and look at the thing. Luckily so far everything has been fixed under warranty.

This time we had a leak on the join on the house connecting side and we had lost some gas as well so this was why the system wasn’t cooling as we as it should have been. (This is an example of a very bad sentence)

They guys are contractors to the company we bought the unit through and they check on what was covered under warranty and for how long as it was only 6 months ago from the last major leak. The office told them that leak fixes / repairs are only covered for 3 months, so pay $990 for a pressure test and fix and have it fail in 4 months and pay again. Thanks for coming.

Once our warrenty runs out I don’t think we will be using them anymore for any repairs or replacements. Just so people know Ample Air Pty Ltd. is the company and while the contractors are great, I can’t really recommand the company to anyone for getting your air conditioning installed by.

So for now we are working again and hopefully it will see us over the following hot summer we are already getting days in the 39s to 40c and summer has only just started.

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