Overclockers Australia down?

OCAU or overclockers.com.au has been down for the past 3 days and hopefully will be back up soon or I’ll not have anywhere to buy my computer stuff from.

The site was hacked a few days or around a week ago and now, there has been some sort of major hardware failure, but news has been fairly scarce on the issue.

OCAU is largest hardware site in Australia and possibly the world, with a very large user base, with large amounts of useful information now not available to anyone. Because someone thought it was cool to bring the site down.

I hope Agg and his crew are able to get OCAU up and running again, for everyone. Just realised I’ve been a member there for must be 10 years now with pretty much daily visits if not many times a day.

Good luck Agg.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    Still down, not sure how long this will go on for… I need my fix of OCAU!!!

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