Forster Holiday Day 1

Well today is the first day of our holiday to Forster, where we are staying at the Sevan Appartments.

I was checking the car before the trip on Thursday morning and while doing the tyre pressures I found that our front passanger side tyre was low and after stopping at work to pick up some ebay purchases for Karla. I saw that we had another nail stuck in the front tyre, this one being the second one in that tyre and the third one overall. So I had to spend an hour or so getting another plug put in the tyre. Not how I had planned to spend the morning before going away.

So tyre fixed and everything else ok with the car, I dropped the cats off at the vets for boarding on Friday morning and we left the house around miday.

We stopped around Newcastle for some lunch and I kepted on getting some calls that I had trouble receiving, but I finally managed to call them back and it was the vets. It turns out the poor Sammy has mouth cancer and another mouth infection. We knew he had been off his food and had lost a little bit of weight and thought that maybe he might have had a mouth infection but not cancer.

They are giving him some drugs to clear up the mouth infection and some pain killers so he is comfortable but with out kemo he will only last a month or two. From what the vet has said it appears the cancer has spread quite a lot, so we will have to see what the story is when we get back.

Anyway a good start to our holiday, no one was very happy.

We arrived in Forster around 6.30pm and the appartment is really nice and in a great spot.

Food and bed time for the little ones.

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