Put down, turn around and gone.

Finally replaced the old broken dishwasher this afternoon with the new one. I placed the old one outside on the footpath and it was no longer than 5 maybe 10 minutes and a truck had stopped and two guys were putting it on the back.

Now hopefully this will happen with the broken oven as well, which has to go. 😆

Got the new dishwasher in and halfway through I thought it was best to replace the old extension waste water hos, with a quick trip to Bunny’s. (Jessie’s name for Bunnings)

Got everything in and before puting the dishwasher in it’s new home did the leak test and of course the new hose has a leak in it 5mm from the end that connects to the sink drain. So out it has to come and be replaced tomorrow with another trip down the road. 😐

Atleast the new one is pretty much in and I’m sure I had to do this last time as well.

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