Finally got the gallery working again.

As mentioned before the sites have all been moved of off a windows 2003 box to a new linux box, while this has been sort of painless I have had a few issues with various things.

The gallery here being one of the main ones, after many installs and backups and changing everything I could think of it turned out to be a simple setting and removing 3 letters from this config. (www)  I sort of understand why but hell it was not obvious.

So now finally everything is working well and speed does seem to be better and now that things are set stability should also be improved over the windows box.

Our new TV stand arrived last night so there was a lot of cleaning and moving of cables to get the TV, Foxtel, DVD Player, PS3 and Wii all working with the surround sound etc. Finished around midnight last night and turned it all on and of course 1 thing had to not work. No TV signal for normal TV?? From what I can guess one cable has come undone and needs to be reconnected underneath everything.

As we have the Foxtel I decided it could wait until tomorrow or the weekend. Did I mention this weekend is a long weekend for us. YEAH!

We have 2 birthday parties on Saturday each on at the same time, then Jessie’s last swimming lession for this term on Sunday morning. Monday is still free from what I know, other than cleaning the house and trying to sort out the garage.


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