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Well I guess most people would have noticed that I ‘ve been using a plugin that pulls news from Google and updates the site automatically with a new posts.

Done this mainly as I don’t always have the time to post something myself and I like to keep the site updated with current news and information for people.

Currently the site is hosted off a Windows 2003 server using Apache but this has become unstable over the past couple of weeks and I have been looking in to Linux once more and have fnally spent enough time to get comfortable about moving everything over to a new Linux box, built out of spares that are currently doing nothing.

The new box host several sites same as the old Windows box plus Karlas web site as well, the old ones will be removed from their current home and the Windows box will go back to looking after our backups and media needs through out the house.

The new Linux box will also look after proxying(AV & web filtering), DNS (master & cacheing), so it should be interesting gives me something new to learn as I have tried Linux several times in the past and have never found a great need to move over to it. But as a lot of large companies use Linux for their own enterprise set ups it’s not a bad thing to have some knowledge about.

This is a work in progess I have to put the other box together and do a fair bit of testing before it goes live. Being doing most of my testing using VMWare on my desktop, gotta love virtualisation and a quad core + 8 GBs of ram.


Family wise, Jessie is being Jessie and not always in a good way. Sophie is doing well and is almost able to sit up. She has had / does have a cold or congestion, she’s been to the Doctors now several times but does seem to be getting a bit better.

Karla has also been sick with something similar and I have the good fortune to have had it as well.

We have another round of Birthday parties to attend for Jessies friends for the next 3 weekends so that will be fun chasing around after her and Sophie while at the parties.

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